COVID19 – TurboCharged Your Family

In the recent event’s, Malaysia has once again being hit by the wave of the virus. Glad to know that everyone is trying their best to participate in controlling the spread of unwanted ‘Oil leak’ (i’m being as a motorhead ofcourse.. Haha..) or so to speak the coronavirus.

Looking into this situation, the motor industry has not been shaken by the fact that everyone are looking into the alternative into becoming a less of ‘wrench’ but more to a ‘multimeter’ kind of a way. I mean to become more digital if is to make it clearer to the petrol heads out there.

Family or your Ride?

This is a question that certainly playing around our mind especially those who have the ‘need for speed’ adrenaline rush.

To help you get started and make a decision, here are a few questions:

  • How much hour have you spend on your family instead of your ride?
  • Which one are the time that is of value to you?
  • Could you replace or recreate the memories that will pass-by?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about this current situation is your are able spend more time with your families while your might take another way of recreating your ‘excitement’ towards your rides.

Can’t think how to do it? Let me list down so u’ll be able to jumpstart your roaring brain of yours.

  • Photoshoot your vehicle and take the best shot whether its a static image or get creative and wild, create a video’s, don’t wait and share it to your friends.
  • Explore on the DIY kits and accessories to get your vehicle tidy and crisp inside.
  • Develop your audience on ‘Live’ streaming, gather your group members and talk ‘shop’ as usual, you might not know, that this might help you develop another income stream if you do it right.

The idea is, having to spend more time at home, is not like we are unable to be as motorsport as ever, it’s only providing more time for us to supercharged our family relationship while expressing our interest in a more digital way perhaps.

Not to forget, you might need to prepare a list of contacts for your to always be on the road. In time of emergency, is not only your friends and family will need this, your ride sure will do.

Battery Emergencies :

Roadside Assistance :

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