Motormaniac 2019

This is the crew that has able to pull-off a 3 nighter preparation for the event to be successful. SALUTE!

The year of 2019 was the year of first breakthrough for motormaniac in the motorsport industries. It was founded by Azarol, CEO and Founder .

The idea?

  • Motorsport is a very subjective matter as each person has it owns definition and expression.
  • Some might relates to speed and modification, but others also might group it into appearances and accessories. Not to forget audio and custom build to express their own way of ‘motorsport’ enthusiasms.
  • Collectively, motorsports is a lifestyle that everybody has its own way of enjoying their journey in their respective own way.

In an effort to bring car enthusiasts together as well as to promote their brand, products, and services among petrol-heads, mobile battery replacement service providers recently organised a car meet at the Glenmarie LRT Station in Shah Alam.

Some of the sponsors throughout the events;

Despite the day-long rain, the event saw overwhelming response from various car clubs, as well as individuals who wanted to come and boast their rides and check out some of the coolest cars in the country.

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