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The Toyota Supra or in Japanese, トヨタ・スープラ, Toyota Sūpura was initially made as a sports car and a grand tourer. In total, the Toyota Supra has 5 lines of generations including the newly released Toyota Supra MK5 in 2019. It’s generation goes way back to 1978 when Toyota manufactured the first generation and named it as Toyota Celica Supra. The body shape of the Supra, as in the video, has been derived from the Toyota Celica Supra except that it is longer and wider.

Photo Credits: @imransyafiq, @_speedgod_, @biadap__ from Instagram

The Galvatron, owned by Shah Supra was bought in the year 2008. So if you get the maths correct, he has owned this car for 12 years straight and probably have done alot to upgrade and maintain this car. Let’s get a deeper and closer look to the car.

When Shah first got the car, it was white in colour and was left abandoned in a parking lot by the recent owner with no rims and no battery in it. The car was in a good condition but Shah had to change a couple of things for it to get to what it is today. Shah said, “When i found the car, there was no tires on the car, left in the parking lot and i just knew that i need to get it eventhough there is no battery or tires.”

After getting the car, Shah started to rebuild the car slowly to get to its maximum potential. Below are the upgrades he has made:

  • Holset HX35
  • 60mm Wastegate
  • Custom made intake,
  • SARD injectors 1000cc
  • HKS FCON Management Vpro 3.24
  • Ogura Twin Plate Clutch
  • Walbro Fuelpump 450lph
  • Synergy Radiator
  • 5 speed gearbox R154
  • 4 inch inlet outlet GTR style front mount intercooler
  • Custom Made Banana
  • Recaro Tomcat Seat
  • Nardi Steering
  • Japan Quick Release
  • Greddy Profec B Boost Controller
  • 6 Meter Defi boost, water temperature, oil temperature, oil press, vacuum, voltage
  • 18 inch Gaia wheels
  • Semi slick Accelera tires
  • Custom made rear spoilers
  • Custom made front bumper and canard
  • Custom made rear widebody
  • Aftermarket side skirt
  • Top secret carbon fibre hood
  • Tein Adjustables
  • Engine specs: SECRET SSHHH

As you can see from the pictures above, his car evolved in so many ways and have tried so many setups which can fit to become the Ultimate Galvatron today. By the way, yes it is a 2JZ that you’re looking at. Shah upgraded the engine from 1JZ which is the stock Supra MK3 engine to 2JZ which is widely used on MK4 Supras.

Shah has participated in many events throughout Malaysia and his car is well known in the car scene. Shah has went from a “Wangan” type of person to a “Carshow” type of guy. He used to go around town and speed over highways but based on what he said, his time is up. He now focuses more on car shows and keeping the car clean and neat. Shah’s car is truly a dream that every man would want.

Photo Credits: @adam_photographyofficial @galerikereta @biadap__ on instagram

Depending on the count of MK3 Supras, there is not alot in Malaysia. Approximately there are 10 MK3 Supras in Malaysia but the Galvatron is widely known in Malaysia as shah has entered a numerous amount of events throughout the country. from the imports of Supras, the MK4 was widely imported in Malaysia but the MK3 was not imported as much as the MK4. From there, you can see why this car is considered as “rare” through the number of imports that came in Malaysia.

Other than “just car events” or “wangan nights’, Shah’s car was known for its rareness thus being called for movies such as Longkai and Adik Manja The Return 2. Shah’s car was an attraction towards the car enthusiasts because not everyday you can see a MK3 Supra running around Kuala Lumpur.

Photo Credits: @_speedgod_ @galerikereta @biadap__ from instagram

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