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Platform to gather all walks of motorsport individuals to express their enthusiasm in direction of a lifestyle communication that brings motorheads together.

Motormaniac 2019

This is how the brand are able to bring everybody together regardless of their expression of motorsport. Despite multiple range of categories, the enthusiasm does not stop with their own community, appreciating other was also part that bring lifestyle more towards the motorsport community.


Photo Credits: @biadap__ and @_speedgod_ from instagram

Shahrezal Ariffin or is mostly known by the people as ‘Shah Supra’ is The Rockstar for Motormaniac. He is widely known for his car, The 1988 Toyota Supra MK3 built by him and his fellow foreman to get to what it is today. Shah was appointed as The Rockstar of Motormaniac after helping to get Motormaniac to where it is today.

Shah has organised and connected us to many of the famous and uplifted car vendors especially during the first Motormaniac Car Meet & Greet in 2019. In terms of events, Shah has been the guy that supplies Motormaniac with great modded cars to participate under our name. Basically he is the guy with great connections and without him, we would have had a great struggle to get to where we are today. Kudos to him!